A2A Third Presentation

The A2A program’s third lecture took place Thursday, December 19 at the American Space Madrid.  It addressed a topic of special relevance: cybersecurity.  The Internet, social media, and smart phones have changed virtually every aspect of how people live, learn, consume, and communicate, and connection technologies play an increasingly large role in today’s society.  Elizabeth Bassini, a U.S. Fulbright Graduate Scholar studying to receive a Master in Cybersecurity at IE University in Madrid, shared her expert knowledge on internet security with the young A2A alumni audience.  Her presentation “Inside the mind of a hacker: implications for the digital future of cities” provided the audience with relevant tools and strategies to identify threats and protect their data.  She explained how hackers can challenge strategic targets such as whole cities’ critical infrastructure, steal personal data, and disrupt commerce.  She also described how hackers operate and the tools and apps they commonly utilize.  Her presentation captivated A2A young alumni, and she provided useful advice during the robust Q&A session.