10th Global Classrooms Conference

A cornerstone of the Embassy’s mission to promote American English language training in Spain, Global Classrooms is a conference similar to the UN in which students participate-entirely in English-as delegates to various UN Committees. This year 73 public bilingual high schools –and 730 students, have participated at four preliminary conferences, although only 200 students from 28 public bilingual high schools have made to the final conference at the Asamblea de Madrid. This year´s conference addressed two main topics: Increasing Agricultural Productivity with the Goal of Feeding 9 Billion in 2050 and Access to Health Services. Agricultural Attaché Rachel Bickford participated at the Conference Opening at the Asamblea de Madrid and PD Minister-Counselor Emilia Puma delivered remarks at the conference closing and award ceremony to spotlight the importance of this project to our Mission. The conference debates took place the next morning at Las Acacias Teacher Training Center. All observers were impressed by the students’ public speaking skills, their hard work, their great understanding of complex international issues and their ability to negotiate and reach compromises.

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